Privacy policy / GDPR

Wenstøp AS (hereinafter: Wenstøp) is concerned that you as a customer, supplier or other stakeholder should trust us and how we process your personal information. Therefore, in this privacy statement, we will explain what we collect, how we use it and how we think of your security in relation to this.

About the regulations:
Personal information is information and assessments that can be linked to an identifiable single person. This can be, for example, name, address, phone number, email address, purchase history or other information about interests.
All processing of personal data, such as collection, registration, storage and disclosure is subject to separate rules, including the Personal Information Act, and has recently been updated through the Eu's new directive known as GDPR. 

Treatment Responsible:
CEO of Wenstøp AS
Venstøphøgda 60
3721 Skien
NO 843 544 932  

What kind of information do we collect:
Wenstøp only collects necessary information in order to handle our customers' requests and purchases in a good way. This mainly concerns: Company information, personal name, position / role, phone number, e-mail and order history.

Cookies and other content: uses so-called cookies, which are small anonymous text files to improve and optimize the content of our web pages. These are anonymous and are not attached to the person.
In the vast majority of browsers, you can turn off the use of cookies.
The most common you can read about how here: Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari. 

What is the information used for:
Wenstøp uses mainly personal information to handle orders, deliver goods to the correct address and person, contact you, billing and accounting. 
Wenstøp will in some cases send relevant information about products, production, holiday, etc.
This information is sent to registered customers and those who have actively agreed to it. We have a corporate philosophy to offer special offers / promotions primarily to regular customers, and in this context, we will use email for this. You can choose to stop receiving such information at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter.

Wenstøp actively works to ensure high security around stored personal information. 
All information is handled in systems with high security, necessary encryption and password protection. Personal information is only available to authorized personnel.

Sharing of information:
Wenstøp AS has a strict privacy policy and will under no circumstances sell the information to others.
In some cases, we are dependent on being able to share information with partners that provide necessary system solutions. This is important for us to offer you our services.
Essentially, this database applies to the ERP system, email client and newsletter client.
All data is mainly stored within EU / EEA, except for e-mail registers for newsletters stored in the United States. Following new privacy rules in the EU, these are also required to comply with the same directive. The company complies with one of the strictest standards of data security ISO 27001 to ensure the highest level of security.
Wenstøp reserves the right to share personal data to protect its legal interests.

Shelf life:
Wenstøp only stores personal information for the duration it is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which they were intended. Information is also stored in the period imposed by the legal act, e.g. bookkeeping act and the like Wenstøp has ongoing routines to ensure that we do not store unnecessary information and make sure that the information we store is correct. 

Your Rights:
You have the right to a) request information about how we process your personal information; b) provide you with a copy of your information; c) update your information; d) delete information you no longer believe we have legal basis for to process, e) restrict or stop processing of your information; f) stop treatment of a species that is solely based on automatic processing of personal data.
Where the treatment is based on consent, e.g. Newsletter you can withdraw all or part of this at any time by contacting us at the address below. You can also choose to "sign up" at the bottom of one of our sent newsletters.
To contact us regarding personal information, please contact us at:

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