About us

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Wenstøp AS (Limited) was established in 1987 and have for many years been a solid promotion supplier to the automobile industry. Our most important products are: License plate frames, specialized branded key rings, display articles, key labeling systems, branded parking discs and more.

We develop our products in Norway and have over the year established our own production in Poland, Portugal and China. This gives us the ability to deliver high quality products directly to your company at low cost within the entire EU region.

Having develop a unique production technique and process we are able to deliver customized license plate frames within 1-2 weeks in the entire EU region. Enabling our customer to keep a lower stock volume in house.

We used only new plastic in our products. This is despite the higher cost compared to lower grade recycled raw material. We choose however new plastic to deliver you a solid high-quality product that would not fade after a short time by sun light or washing chemicals.

We always do our best to keep our production as environmental friendly as possible. Therefore, we always use paint and color products that bears the highest environmental grading class.

We are proud of being the trusted supplier by over 1200 companies within the EU/ EEA region.

The company holds a Trippel- A-rating.