Welcome to WenstøpYour promotion partner Wenstøp is the automotive industry's promotion partner with over 30 years of industry experience. Annually we serve over 1200 customers in the Nordic region to increased visibility. In our shop you will find a wide product range of promotional items, key labeling systems and workshop products.

We provide tailor-made quality products, at the right price - delivered at the right time. Avoid costly intermediaries - Wenstøp develops and produces most of its own products. Other items are aquired directly from the manufacturing level.

Knut Venstøp Eriksen
CEO / Partner


Customized quality products
Wenstøp focuses on quality, design and functionality. Industry leading products with a long-life span helps our customers become more visible.
Fast delivery
All customers at Wenstøp are equally important and we know that time is at essence. Therefore, we continually work to improve our production to ship your orders on time – super fast. Normal shipping time for stock products: same day. License plate frames 1-2 weeks.
Competitive pricing
No costly intermediaries. Wenstøp develops and produce most our own products. Therefore, we can deliver your premium products at a low cost.
Service and flexibility
Satisfied customers are what makes our business vital. Therefore, service and flexibilities are in the very center of all our activities. At Wenstøp you can expect to be met in friendly and professional manner. Wenstøp is family owned business that takes a long-term perspective when dealing with our clients. We will always do our best to find the right solution to you.

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